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Step 1

Scan your crypto wallet

Enter your phone number and proceed to scanning a Crypto Wallet. Your wallet address will also be shown.

Step 2

Insert cash

Insert cash one bill at a time into the bitcoin ATM. Once all bills are entered, confirm the amount and click BUY on the screen.

Step 3

Coins are sent instantly!

Coins are sent instantly!

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Why Bitcoin ATM

Buy bitcoin instantly with cash in one of our ATMs

Convenient locations

Our ATMS offer the easiest way to buy Bitcoin locally with cash. We have Bitcoin ATMs conveniently placed throughout the country in major cities!

Instant Transactions

Bitcoin is sent instantly to your wallet upon purchase. All you need is a phone, cash, and ID. You can finish a transaction in less than two minutes!

High daily limits

Our Bitcoin ATMs offer the highest limits allowing customers to purchase up to $29,000 a day! Just go right to the ATM.

Safe transactions

America Bitcoin is a registered Money Services Business (MSB). We operate a compliance program in accordance with the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA).

"Entering the world of cryptocurrency felt overwhelming until I discovered America Bitcoin ATM. As a newcomer, I was searching for a fast and secure way to buy Bitcoin, and America Bitcoin ATM exceeded my expectations."

Rebecca R.

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