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Why Bitcoin ATM

Why you should host an America Bitcoin ATM

Increased Foot Traffic

Having an America Bitcoin ATM on the premises can attract a diverse range of customers, particularly those who are tech-savvy and interested in cryptocurrencies. This increased foot traffic can lead to higher sales of other products and services offered by the business.

Benefit From Our Advertising

Offering an America Bitcoin ATM is a great way to benefit your business from our Marketing investments. We run ads to attract people to our ATM, which means we will attract people to your store. You can also benefit from Google Maps optimization, Google My Business optimization.

Additional Revenue Stream

Business owners can earn additional income from monthly rent for leasing a 2x2 space in their store. This is lucrative income with the monthly rent per sq ft rivaling some of the highest revenue contributions per sqft in all of retail.

Competitive Advantage

By providing a service that might not be widely available in the area, such as an America Bitcoin ATM, the business can differentiate itself from competitors. This unique service can be a deciding factor for customers when choosing between similar businesses, potentially driving more customers to choose your establishment over others.

Become a Part of Our Network

Interested in hosting an America Bitcoin ATM at your location? Contact us to learn more about how we can work together to drive more customers to your business. Let’s embark on this journey towards mutual growth and success.

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Host a Bitcoin ATM

Boost Your Business with America Bitcoin ATM

Are you a business owner looking to increase foot traffic and gain more exposure? Hosting a Bitcoin ATM by America Bitcoin ATM can be your pathway to achieving these goals. Here's how partnering with us and our dynamic marketing strategies can benefit your business:

Enhanced Visibility Through Paid Google Ads

We invest in targeted Google Ads campaigns, ensuring that when customers search for a Bitcoin ATM, our network – including your location – appears front and center. This increased online visibility translates to more customers walking through your doors.

Exposure on Bitcoin Industry Websites

As part of our network, your store will gain exposure on leading Bitcoin industry websites. These platforms are frequented by cryptocurrency enthusiasts and newcomers alike, putting your business in front of a highly engaged audience.

In-Store Marketing Support

We don't just place an ATM in your store; we equip you with in-store marketing materials. From eye-catching signage to informative brochures, we provide all the necessary tools to let your customers know that they can conveniently access Bitcoin right in your store.

Increased Foot Traffic and Revenue

Hosting a Bitcoin ATM attracts a diverse range of customers seeking to use the service, leading to increased foot traffic. More visitors can lead to higher sales for your business, making it a win-win situation.

Prominent Map Listings

Your store will be featured on prominent map listings, making it easy for Bitcoin users to find you. Whether they use Google Maps, Apple Maps, or specialized cryptocurrency maps, your location will be highlighted as a go-to spot for Bitcoin transactions.

Join a Growing Financial Movement

By hosting a Bitcoin ATM, you're not just adding a service to your business – you're becoming part of the rapidly growing financial movement towards digital currency. This can position your business as forward-thinking and tech-savvy.

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