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Remember to bring

Here's what you need to buy Bitcoin at the ATM

Valid Indentification

Required for purchases above $2,000. You will need a Driver License or Passport.

Bring Cash

Remember to bring Cash to buy Bitcoin at our ATMs. You will insert cash to complete the transaction.

Mobile Phone

You will receive a code in your phone number to secure the transaction.

Bitcoin Wallet

You will be requested a QR Code of your Bitcoin Wallet or other cryptocurrency wallet for our ATM to send to the correct wallet.

Buying bitcoin made easy

Step 1

Scan your crypto wallet

Enter your phone number and proceed to scanning a Crypto Wallet. Your wallet address will also be shown.

Step 2

Insert cash

Insert cash one bill at a time into the bitcoin ATM. Once all bills are entered, confirm the amount and click BUY on the screen.

Step 3

Coins are sent instantly!

Coins are sent instantly!

"Entering the world of cryptocurrency felt overwhelming until I discovered America Bitcoin ATM. As a newcomer, I was searching for a fast and secure way to buy Bitcoin, and America Bitcoin ATM exceeded my expectations."

Rebecca R.

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